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This "Straight Jacket" fountain pen has the ambition of being simple but enjoyable to write with.  The pen is inlaid with Hawaiian koa and surfboard resin.  It's very lightweight and a pleasure to hold in your hand.  When you post the cap and write with it the balance is great without the ordinary top heaviness of typical wood pens.  An excellent writing fountain pen, the metal hardware is plated with titanium oxide and gold.  The nib is an international fine and it's made by Jowo in Germany.  The cartridge or converter type is and international style.


As with all pens made by Lau Lau Woodworks, it is water and chemical resistant because of the special finish applied to each pen.


*Each of our pens are branded individually by hand with our company logo, the laulau. You will find the logo next to the pen clip. This is to certify that you have a Lau Lau Woodworks pen.


**You may be contacted shortly after your order for the cost of shipping based on weight and destination.

Hawaiian Koa Surfboard Resin Straight Jacket Fountain Pen (Yellow)