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Here is one of Lau Lau Woodworks' older styles. An excellent writing rollerball inlaid with Italian acrylic, the metal hardware is made of brass with and antique finish. This plating is not as durable as our titanium oxide plating. As with all pens made by Lau Lau Woodworks, it is water and chemical resistant because of the special finish applied to each pen. It is a fine tip and takes a Mont Blanc, Waterman, and Schmidt refills.


*Each of our pens are branded individually by hand with our company logo, the laulau. You will find the logo next to the pen clip. This is to certify that you have a Lau Lau Woodworks pen.

**You may be contacted shortly after your order for the cost of shipping based on weight and destination.

Hawaiian Koa Italian Acrylic Designer Retro Rollerball Pen (Red)

$192.00 일반가

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