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Introducing our exquisitely handcrafted Skinner Knife with a bespoke touch, skillfully created by a renowned Hawaiian knife maker on the picturesque island of Oahu.


🔪 **Precision in Craftsmanship:**
Meticulously crafted for discerning enthusiasts, this Skinner Knife is a testament to the artisan's mastery. The blade, forged with precision, promises optimal performance in every cut, making it an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts and collectors alike.


🌺 **Distinctive Premium Hawaiian Koa Handle:**
Elevating this knife to a league of its own is the handle, meticulously crafted from stabilized Premium Hawaiian Koa. Renowned for its rich, warm tones and exceptional durability, the handle not only ensures a comfortable grip but also adds a touch of authentic Hawaiian craftsmanship to each stroke.


🌿 **A Symphony of Tradition and Modernity:**
This Skinner Knife seamlessly blends traditional techniques with contemporary design, creating a functional yet aesthetically pleasing tool. The juxtaposition of the Hawaiian Koa handle against the sharp, expertly honed blade is a harmonious marriage of form and function.


🎨 **Custom Leather Sheath:**
For the perfect accompaniment, each Skinner Knife comes with a custom-made leather sheath, meticulously designed to protect the blade and enhance the overall presentation. The sheath, a work of art in itself, complements the knife's elegance and ensures safe storage during travel and storage.


🏝️ **Crafted in the Heart of Hawaii:**
Immerse yourself in the spirit of the islands with a knife crafted by a skilled artisan on Oahu. Each knife is not just a tool but a piece of Hawaiian heritage, embodying the artistry and tradition of the local knife-making craft.

Discover the art of knife-making, perfected in paradise. Bring home a piece of Hawaii with our Skinner Knife, where craftsmanship meets culture.


Total: 8 inches

Blade 4 inches

Koa Skinner Knife Thin Handle